Vacuum Insulation panels for buildings & construction

Space-saving, easy to install and ideal in achieving environmental standards



Vacuum Insulation Panels are becoming increasingly popular in the Construction industry. Kevothermal panels offer excellent thermal conductivity and space saving qualities providing builders and homeowners with an alternative to traditional insulation products.

Providing excellent thermal efficiency, VIPS can be used across the Construction process. This extends from providing effective insulation of floors (as a substrate between concrete and floor coverings) through to panel insulation for both internal and external walls.

Developed with the changing needs and demands on architects and construction companies, our unique, bespoke panels are providing broader solutions within the construction industry. Particular benefits due to high insulation capabilities and compact design include, superior roofing insulation, balcony and terrace applications, underfloor heating insulation and modular development designs.

Kevothermal VIP’s are particularly effective in the construction of new buildings where space is at a premium, providing an impressive and effective insulation barrier without the bulk of traditional insulation materials.

Vacuum Insulation Panels are also frequently being used in the renovation and refurbishment of existing dwellings, allowing builders or homeowners to improve on existing insulation solutions without taking up more space. With our bespoke VIPs solutions, application can be effective to more traditional products particularly in areas of limited space and height restrictions.

Kevothermal’s VIPs can be quickly and effectively added to existing buildings with the minimum of disruption.

With a thermal conductivity value of 0.007W/mK (aged design value) Vacuum Insulation Panels can offer up to a 5 times reduction in insulation thickness compared with a traditional PUR solution.

Our dedicated production system and dynamic bespoke design solutions can be provided in a timely fashion, enabling a quick turnaround avoiding unnecessary project delays.


FLOORING - Kevothermal Vacuum Insulation Panels can be utilised within a new or existing floor build up to achieve the necessary level of insulation.

EXTERNAL WALL INSULATION - Greenhouse emissions and wasted energy can be substantially reduced in houses by utilising Vacuum Insulation Panels for external walls.

INTERNAL WALL INSULATION - An Internal Wall Vacuum Insulation Panel system to be used when an installation of External Wall Insulation systems are not possible.

SPANDREL PANELS - When the building envelope needs to combine both aesthetics and performance, Vacuum Insulation Panels can offer a viable solution.

MODULAR BUILDINGS - Vacuum Insulation Panels are perfect for providing effective insulation for Modular and Temporary buildings.

Kevothermal Construction VIPs roof insulation
Kevothermal insulated packaging stacked materials example