Bespoke VIPS

Bespoke VIPs for Product Development and Innovation



At Kevothermal we are pleased to see our Vacuum Insulation Panel technology being used in new and innovative ways in product design and development.

We offer bespoke panel sizes in small quantities to help start up projects, small business and private projects along with small insulation users. Please get in touch for more information on how we can help you and your business.

Aviation - development of VIPs for thermal insulation of in-flight service trolleys

Pharmaceutical - development of thermal storage solutions for use within automated biological sample units

Automotive - development of VIPs for use as a thermal barrier between racing car driver and engine


e-cargo bikes

e-Cargo Bikes

e-Cargo Bike’s provide last-mile delivery services to grocers and retailers throughout the UK.

Their range of purpose-built electric bikes utilise Kevothermal’s VIP technology in their food storage containers.

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TTP Labtech Arktik

TTPLabtech are manufacturers of the Arktik biostorage solution.

Arktik provides the pharmaceutical sector with a secure -20C or -80c automated sample storage and management system.

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