Temperature Controlled Packaging

Space saving VIP’s, for Temperature Controlled Shipping Containers



The superior insulation of Kevothermal’s Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) offer significant advantages in Temperature Controlled Packaging

The thinner wall thickness allows for a smaller volumetric size of shipper and a reduced weight, This  combined with the increased insulation properties allow for a reduced amount of refrigerant or PCM contributing to major savings in saving freight costs.

The high insulation values can provide increased duration performance, and enhanced resistance to high excursions of ambient temperature in challenging environments.

By combining Kevothermal’s vacuum insulation into a Temperature Controlled Packaging system, which includes a tough, non-metalized barrier structural film, we can produce a robust shipping container with thermal performance that far surpasses conventional foam materials.

Kevothermal currently produce a range of standard sized temperature controlled shipping boxes, but any size or quantity can be readily manufactured to suit a specific customer’s requirements. Our standard boxes can be supplied fully assembled with inner and outer carton, or as flat pack for customer assembly.

Temperature Controlled Packaging comparison diagram
Insulated temperature controlled packaging box
Kevothermal insulated temperature controlled medical packaging solution box


e-cargo bikes

e-Cargo Bikes

e-Cargo Bike’s provide last-mile delivery services to grocers and retailers throughout the UK.

Their range of purpose-built electric bikes utilise Kevothermal’s VIP technology in their food storage containers.

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TTP Labtech Arktik

TTPLabtech are manufacturers of the Arktik biostorage solution.

Arktik provides the pharmaceutical sector with a secure -20C or -80c automated sample storage and management system.

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